Monroe County, Pennsylvania.


5,000 ft2

The 3S Team designed MEP system for Restaurants in Monroe County.

3S MEP provided the following MEP engineering services. See below for further details.


1. Ventilation complied to IMC-2015
2. Engineered modification to existing rooftop unit secondary ductwork distribution as required.
3. Engineered new kitchen exhaust distribution, hood design by hood manufacturer via kitchen consultant.
4. Engineered modification to existing dishwasher exhaust system.
5. Engineered new make-up air distribution. Make up air unit design by hood manufacturer Via kitchen consultant.
6. Engineered modification to existing gas piping distribution.


1. Modified Existing sanitary and kitchen waste as per new architecture layout and connected to the existing system.
2. Engineered modification to existing hot water supply and recirculation system as required.


1. Modified existing electrical distribution as required to accommodate the new layout.
2. Engineered general purpose receptacles as required
3. Provided connections to all equipment provided by others. IE kitchen equipment, MEP equipment, owner provided equipment, etc.
4. Engineered extension of existing building fire alarm system throughout.
5. Engineered empty conduit and back boxes for all low voltage and specialty systems
6. Engineered new emergency lighting and exit signs.