Champaign, Illinois


1,60,000 ft2

The 3S team designed mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection system for 1-parking/garage, five story 163 unit condominium complexes in the Champaign.

3S MEP provided the following mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services. See below for further details.


1. Each dwelling unit is provided with an electric furnace with an individual      condensing unit for the furnace.
2. Ventilation design as per IMC 2018.
3. Exhaust were planned through the shaft of the roof, but as all shafts         were not terminated to the intermediate roof shaft were connected to the master shaft to terminate the exhaust at the roof.
4. Heat load calculation with the help of HAP 5.1.
5. DOAS for ventilation requirement.


Plumbing system designed.
1. Sanitary waste
2. Kitchen waste.
3. Grease waste and triple basin sink.
4. Storm drainage.
5. Domestic water supply system.
6. Domestic water booster pump.
7. Domestic water storage heating system for each dwelling unit


Fire protection system is designed as per NFPA 13, NFPA 14 AND NFPA 20 to size fire pump room.