Revit BIM Services

Revit BIM Services Overview

REVIT BIM (Building information modelling) is increasingly adopted as a standard design and engineering tool. Aimed for small to large greenfield and brownfield projects both in developed and developing countries. The benefits of BIM in construction far supersedes the cost. It helps in identifying issues which could result in costly changes orders and delay in schedule.

BIM competency is a strategic advantage for architectural and engineering firms as well as a general contractor. 3S MEP+S has the experience required to develop new BIM standards, workflows, processes, and content to support your design and construction needs.

It is important for your BIM service partner to comprise high-level of BIM knowledge in each of the BIM disciplines. Whether it’s civil, architectural, mechanical, structural, plumbing or manufacturing, your BIM technology consulting partner should have deep knowledge across all BIM disciplines, with real-world experience.

3S MEP+S offers a bundle of outsourced BIM services that help you succeed. We closely work with architects, structural engineers, design-build firms and general contractors on their small and large sized construction projects. 3S MEP+S offers the flexibility to hire BIM resources customized to the need for each engagement.

BIM Services

  • BIM drafting services
  • BIM modeling services – up to LoD 500
    •  Structural BIM services
    • MEP & FP BIM services
  • BIM clash detection and collision removal
  • 4D construction phasing and simulation
  • Revit family creations
  • Development of facilities

Benefits Of BIM:

The power of BIM lies in the information. Our BIM experts build accurate models, allowing a seamless flow of information amongst the various disciplines and available at any point in time of the life-cycle of the construction project. This further reduces time-consuming errors and rework, allowing you to take actionable and informed decisions through

  • stimulation and analysis.
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Increased productivity due to the easy recovery of information
  • Improved coordination of construction documents
  • Increased speed of delivery

Minimized costsOur outsourced BIM services offer you flexibility, along with the access to very latest know-how for leveraging new technologies. This results in improved operational efficiency, which allows you to focus on your core business.