3S designs modern living spaces and amenities that welcome people home “3S MEP+S“ has worked with a variety of residences to provide MEP/FP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects for everything from luxury, stand-alone properties to townhouses to affordable housing. Luxury living, amenities that are on trend, and a seamless integration with existing communities are what make a project successful and make people want to call it home. Whether its townhouses, condos, apartments, senior living, or student housing… 3S is your partner.

3S Team designed plumbing system for Multipurpose in the Florida.

3S Team designed Fire system for house in the San Jose.

3S Team Drafting HVAC system for 1-Parking/Garage, Six Story 84 unit condominium complexes in the city of Champaign.

3S Team designed Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire protection system for 1-Parking/Garage, Five Story 163 unit condominium complexes in the Champaign.

3S Team designed MEP/PF system for five Story 78 unit condominium complexes in the city of Chicago.

3S Team designed MEP/FP system for Residential in the Edition.