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Similar to standard HVAC, cleanrooms are designed and built to meet various applications in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, and even Military & Aerospace industries. Cleanrooms are designed to controls the temperature and the humidity to different levels of precision to create a comfortable environment. Along with comfort, cleanroom HVACs differentiate themselves from conventional systems by their increased air supply, airflow patterns, the use of high-efficiency filters, and room pressurization. The increased air supply brings more air changes per hour, with HEPA filtered air circulating into the cleanroom many times per hour. In comparison, a conventional HVAC system usually counts two to four air changes per hour, whereas, in a cleanroom, it can range anywhere from 15 to 300 or more. Cleanroom HVAC designs require knowledge of regulations, cleanliness level guidelines, airflow, room pressurization, temperature control, humidity control, and accounting of processes taking place inside. 3S MEP +Structure has worked with a variety of pharmaceutical companies to provide MEP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects.


From small boutiques to flagman stores, from a chain of small express stores to supermarkets and complex retail centres, architects are striving to create a unique environment that attracts customers. The responsibility of the MEP engineer is to support design solutions with energy and cost-effective, innovative but proven systems design. The main challenge in design for retail centres is to create a comfortable environment for customers and make it energy efficient.

Health care

3S MEP has worked with a variety of Healthcare project to provide design support for renovation, expansion, and early stage construction projects.Our team believes that right selection of MEP systems during design helps to protect the environment and save energy, and it also fosters a happy and healthy patient experience and improves staff satisfaction, and that happy, healthy patients and staff lead to improved recovery results. We have been privileged to work with many clients to delivered successful project in this field.  


3S MEP+S has worked with a variety of restaurant projects to provide MEP/FP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects. We start each restaurant project with a simple goal – to create places that are memorable to the customer. We take the time to understand and apply our clients’ visions to shape restaurant environments into sensible, impactful, and memorable places where staff, end-users, and the public at large can be creative, social, and safe.


3S MEP designed modern living spaces and amenities that welcome people at home. We have worked with a variety of residences to provide MEP/FP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects for everything from luxury, stand-alone properties to townhouses to affordable housing.

Luxury living, on-trend amenities, and seamless integration with existing communities are what make a project successful and make people want to call it home. Whether it’s townhouses, condos, apartments, senior living, or student housing, our engineers make a comfortable environment in your house and create a smile on your face


3S MEP has worked with a variety of offices to provide MEP/FP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects. Leveraging our expertise in MEP design, we have successfully delivered the project from small offices to large-scale corporate office space. We believe MEP engineering design services for offices must strike an equal balance between worker comfort, facility maintainability, and cost containment.


3S MEP has worked with a variety of Warehouses to provide MEP engineering support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects. The MEP design of the warehouse space should be planned to best accommodate business service requirements and the products to be stored/handled. With keeping in mind that we have successfully delivered energy-efficient and cost-effective design for a warehouse to our clients.