Clean Room

Similar to standard HVAC, the HVAC of a cleanroom controls the temperature and the humidity to different levels of precision to create a comfortable environment. Along with comfort, cleanroom HVACs differentiate themselves from conventional systems by their increased air supply, airflow patterns, the use of high-efficiency filters, and room pressurization.

The increased air supply brings more air changes per hour, with HEPA filtered air circulating into the cleanroom many times per hour. In comparison, a conventional HVAC system usually counts two to four air changes per hour, whereas, in a cleanroom, it can range anywhere from 15 to 300 or more.

Cleanroom HVAC designs require knowledge of regulations, cleanliness level guidelines, airflow, room pressurization, temperature control, humidity control, and accounting of processes taking place inside.

3S MEP +Structure has worked with a variety of pharmaceutical companies to provide MEP support for renovation, expansion, and new construction projects.

3S Team designed MEP system for Expansion of ampoule felling and vial feeding lines with ISO class-7 & class-8 clean room in the New Jersey.

3S Team designed MEP system ISO class-8 clean room for water bath, INH infill room and QC lab for pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in North Carolina.