Belimo came with a new actuator (Belimo AFBUP) which has same torque rating as the previous AF-24 and AF-120. This would works across 24V to 240V AC or DC power supply. This takes away any error in ordering, and specifying. This is a universal actuator which shall meet most HVAC systems needs. It has power running time of 75 seconds and spring operation time of leas than 20 seconds. For faster acting application, we need to look at other actuators.


ASME CSD-1 Controls and Safety Devices…

ASME CSD-1 Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers – Requirements

Many Engineers ask me when to specify ASME CSD-1 compliance. It’s a great question, and one I’ve gotten a lot over the years representing gas-fired equipment. I’m going to make it simple….EVERYTIME!

Here are three points to consider:

  1. In Illinois it’s required by code on boilers above 400,000 BTU (Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal Division of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety)
  2. As a designer it covers your liability on water vessels of ANY size. It is also required for several insurance companies who would review the boiler plant for safety considerations.
  3. Most manufacturers have the parts as standard features anyways; it’s just a firmware update or capacitor alteration to make it a ASME CSD-1 boiler.

So no matter what size the boilers, it’s always in your best interest to require ASME CSD-1 complaint gas train when designing a project.

Here is a practical article on CSD-1 compliance:

Hope this was beneficial. Email with any questions which you may have.

Fuel Oil Piping Diagram for Main Tank…

Fuel Oil Piping Diagram for Main Tank, Day Tank, and Diesel Genset

Fuel Oil Piping Diagram for Main Tank, Day Tank, and Diesel Genset

Fuel oil systems design has always been a challenge for most designers. It involves thorough knowledge of NFPA codes, EPA regulation, local and state laws, and client requirements. The above diagram provides a very good starting point for simple Diesel Fuel Oil Genset application especially mission critical facilities such as data centers, hospitals, and emergency response facilities. While designing adequate attention has to be paid to redundancy, failure scenarios, fuel freezing, potential for leaks, etc. For additional information or design expertise contact us.

Commercial and residential buildings…

Commercial and residential buildings pressurization calculations

Building pressurization calculations has long been one of the unknowns to most HVAC professionals. We have always wondered how much air we need to pressure a building. NFPA and ASHRAE have publications which define this based on building type, number of doors/windows, construction type, etc. We have created a simple spread sheet which makes it easy to accomplish this task. This goes together with door closure forces calculations. Some buildings in toxic chemical industry environments have to be pressurized to higher pressure to prevent infiltration of toxic gases during blasts. Door closure forces has to be adjusted to account for this. There are several other considerations especially w.r.t. ceiling, door undercut, pressurization air distribution, etc. Contact me for further information and details.


Performance Data Clarage Type NH Forc…

Performance Data Clarage Type NH Forced Draft Fans from Clarage Fan Company, Michigan

Clarage Type NH Forced Draft Fans from Clarage Fan Company, Michigan. Find below product data sheet for these fans. They are no more produced but provides invaluable information to designers trying to use existing fans. These provide fan performance data for single width single inlet fans size 30 to size 132 and double width double inlet size 30 to size 132.  It also provides fan dimensions.

Clarage Fans Michigan Model NH Performance Data – 2

Clarage Fans Michigan Model NH Performance Data – 1