Mechanical Systems Commissioning – Is independent third party required!!   ASHARE standard 90.1 – 2010 bases commissioning requirements on floor
City of Chicago Ventilation rate table Attached below is ventilation rate table for City of Chicago. It provides ventilation rate
Fans Catalog – American HS Standard Buffalo Clarage
Smoke Detectors on Fan Systems requirement IMC and NFPA 90A IMC 2009 requires smoke detectors on fan systems with capacity greater
Commissioning Variable Primary Chiller Plant CSEMARCH2014P43_45 One of the most significant ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010 updates was the requirement for HVAC commissioning
CONTAINMENT STRATEGIES COMPARISON IN DATA CENTERS This article compares ten different containment strategies for data centers. Containment strategies discussed includes
HVAC Mixed Air, Humidification, and Re-Heat Calculator Spread sheets The attached HVAC calculator is a great tool which helps us
Data Center Economizer Strategies This article discusses economizer strategies for Data Centers.  The research for this article was done by ESD,
ASHRAE Dilution Ventilation Calculations for smoke and other air contaminants ASHRAE DILUTION VENTILATION This spread sheet or MS Excel file