If you are closely working with the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry, you must be familiar with BIM and REVIT.
In recent times, there is a buzz word across India which is a "Smart City." The government is prominently focusing
What's the Arc Flash Study or the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis?  The risk of Arc Flash is the possibility of
A New Way of Building The design of the building is a necessary part of any construction process. You cannot
In this blog, you will learn about arc flash and its causes. From the perspective of an industrial electrician or
POST COVID HVAC Although much remains unknown about COVID-19, scientists have established that the coronavirus is highly contagious and transmitted via
HVAC FOR HEALTH CARE FACILITIES The importance of proper ventilation in health care facilities cannot be overemphasized. HVAC design for
WHAT IS CLEANROOM TECHNOLOGY? Cleanroom describes a controlled environment where pollutants like aerosol, airborne bacteria, and dust are in small
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the analysis of fluid flow using numerical solution methods. CFD allows experts to analyze complex problems involving several