Welcome to 3S IT Services

3S MEP + Structural team takes pride in being the top provider of engineer design and drafting services to our customers in United States. This comes from our focus on delivering projects exceeding client’s expectations of quality, schedule, and cost. Our team of engineers with more than a decade of experience working on projects in United States makes them a perfect to deliver to quality product for almost any commercial project.

3S has become one of the top MEP modeling and design outsourcing and drafting services company, with employees that obsess over clients. They go above and beyond to deliver world class services. 3S has always aimed in giving their customers the best solutions by using the latest versions of AutoCAD & Revit suite.

3S provides services such as schematic design, design development drawings, final construction drawings, and BIM model. We follow agile method of delivery, where our team becomes an integral part of client’s project team. This enables us to proactively adjust the design as the project progresses. This enables us to deliver a wholesome design where input from all stakeholders and one that works the best

3S IT Services benefits:

  1. We take away variability in your staffing needs. 3S provide staffing to fill the peaks.This enables you to staff lean, lowers recruiting headaches, and confidently bid on all projects.
  2. World Class team that will work as a part of your team. We use agile design and proactively change as design evolves.
  3. Our low cost will allow you to bid more competitively and win projects, and still be profitable.

Why 3S IT Services



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